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Who Is The Sorting Cat?

Hello, I’m Cat.

I didn’t realise I had a particular skill for decluttering, sorting out and organising until I discovered that other people do not. I am available to help you clear out & re-organise your rooms, garage, office, business & make life clearer & easier. I can help organise your rooms & stage them, using your own furnishings, for estate agency photos & presentation to buyers. I am also available for special projects like old photos or collections.

I am available to motivate & help you to declutter, clear space & reorganise your things, be it in your kitchen, your office, your email inbox or even your digital photo albums.  Any space where you need to be organised so that you can find what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it.  I have always been a problem solver & decluttering things & organising can be learnt by anyone.

The first time I undertook an office reorganisation was way back in 2003, long before the world had heard of Marie Kondo! I spent 4 days with a woman in local government in the Auckland area of New Zealand. At the end of that time her office was transformed & all old, irrelevant documents & papers had been removed & either thrown out or archived, (do you remember microfiche?) we had worked out a system for her to find all the right publications that she needed & that she could easily add to. All her e-mail had been sorted & her computer documents filed in a similar system.

Over the years I have had to sort out filing systems, develop processes & protocols, computer set-ups & routines in many businesses.  It does not make much difference as to what your business is, your office systems will be similar.  I have worked my own systems as a Real Estate Salesperson & used others as a Clinic Manager, in Health Service Information, local government offices, for teachers, roofing company, I even got to sort through the invoices and receipts of a farrier.  

If I don’t know your system, I will learn it.  I am a great believer in continuing professional development & always appreciate the opportunity to learn  (It might even be worth a discount!).  It doesn’t matter if your systems are in another language –  A-Z, rainbow colours & numbers are more or less universal & I am learning Korean if you are after something different.  

Having said all that, each business is unique too. Only the business owner/manager can tell what is most important to them.  So tell me what that is, how you want your systems to work & let’s work together to achieve to develop & implement your new system.

Clutters piles up

What they say

Recently I was thinking of de-cluttering a storage unit in my kitchen and called in Catherine Armour of The Sorting Cat to help in this process. Discussing the situation with her enabled me to take a more objective view of which objects to retain, which to recycle and which were beyond use and needed to be discarded, and how best to utilize the space; and she also personally undertook to clean and re-line the cupboard as part of her service. I would definitely recommend The Sorting Cat as a valuable resource at a competitive price. I now feel more confident about ‘de-cluttering’ as a positive benefit to my life.

Helen D, Kensal Rise

Thanks Cat for helping me re organise my life! It was great to find the linen/ airing cupboard looking ordered and also much more accessible. As for the kitchen cupboards- they’ve always been a nightmare for me to make sense of! I never knew how many tins of beans I had or how long packets had been open!!! So now there is a good system in place and I can see what I need to get and I can put my hand on things without fighting through disorganised items! I’ve been able to sustain the new organisation approaches – they definitely make life easier! Better Karma all round!

Jane G, Edinburgh

Cat helped me to declutter my bedroom, making a lovely space for me to sleep in once again. The space feels so nice and it’s definitely helped me with my anxiety. I constantly go into my room, look around and smile 😁

Janet, Harlesden

You can be confident in the professionalism and service from Cat






"Cat helped me to declutter my bedroom, making a lovely space for me to sleep in once again. The space feels so nice and it’s definitely helped me with my anxiety. I constantly go into my room, look around and smile 😁"