Before Decluttering and After Organising Photographs

Take a look at some of the photographs that clients have either supplied or had me take BEFORE Decluttering and Organising and AFTER Decluttering and Organising. They demonstrate what can be achieved.

Whether you have just a drawer that you find overwhelming or if your whole house/business needs decluttering and organising, The Sorting Cat can help.

The Knock-On Effect

Before Decluttering

Before cupboard declutter
Before Laundry declutter

Photos taken by the client show a hallway cupboard and laundry with years of accumulation of their family’s belongings. Five bags of rubbish removed from the kitchen pantry made space for the items filling up the hallway cupboard. The hallway cupboard was then free for Chistmas decorations and bike parts etc.

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Overwhelmed with Clothing

Before Organising

Drawers full to bursting, boxes overflowing and a hanging rail too full to fit anything more, it is easy to see how things feel overwhelming.

After Reorganising

The hanging rail decluttered by removing the woollens and putting them into clear boxes. The drawers tidied by folding neatly so they can be closed. The client can now being see what she has without having to rummage around.

Overcoming Bad Design

Before Sorting

The corner cupboard is difficult to access. Every week there is a challenge to find space to put the family shop.

Sometimes you have to live with set up you inherited from the previous occupant of your home. At least until you can win the lotto or save enough for a new kitchen!

This kitchen was quite a challenge. I applaud the current owners on how they have managed to use it for so long.

After Decluttering and Organising

Rearranging the contents of the cupboards enabled all the weekly shop to fit, believe it or not! Removing some of the more toxic chemicals to the shed. The laundry detergents moved to a more suitable cupboard. Making space to move contents from the corner cupboard.

Out of Date

Before Sorting

Medicine after removing out of date items

Sorting your first aid kits and medicine cabinets to remove all the items that are out of date you will find that you will

a) have a great deal more space

b) need to replace all the things that you just threw out!

After Decluttering

It is always a good idea to regularly visit your medicines to see what you may need more of. Organise contents so that the things you need regularly are most easily reached.

Remember to keep out of the reach of children.

Sort Your Drawers

Whether it’s cutlery, utensils, plastic containers, crockery or the ubiquitous junk drawer, these places tend to get a cluttered and dishevelled with use. It doesn’t take long to see where things have ended up and to put them back where you want them.

Change of Lifestyle

Facing a change in lifestyle and finding yourself in a wheelchair can have everyday consequences. Before decluttering and organising, this clients’ kitchen was not working, so I have swapped the contents of what was a handy eye-level cupboard to the lower cupboard. Now they can be easily reached from the wheelchair and the once-a -year or not so necessary items are now where the client needs to only seldom make an effort to reach them.

Contact Cat

If your things are resembling the ‘Before’ photos and you would like them more like the ‘After’ pictures, then it is time for you to give me a call.