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The Sorting Cat Returns

1 Year On

As The Sorting Cat did not come into being officially until 23rd December 2020, you might think it strange for me to say that I have revisited a client after a year, when it is still September. However, before getting the business up and running, I did a few ‘sort-outs’ for friends etc in the time leading up to making it legal. It was, in fact, the reactions of these ‘practice pieces’ that encouraged me to make it happen.

And this week I have been able to revisit one of my start-up favours.

So what has happened in the intervening 12 months?

Well, actually, not a lot!


Sadly, I didn’t have the foresight to take the usual “Before” and “After” photographs the last time I was here, so I can’t exactly prove it. However, I do recognise my handiwork when I see it. I am pleased to say that it is pretty much as I left it.

I really will not have to spend more than a couple of minutes just straightening a few things out.

My clutter-free heart leaps with joy. My Sorting Cat philosophy has found fertile soil and continues to be practiced in this household. The kitchen drawers may be a little ruffled, but essentially they are still neat enough that you can find what you are looking for straightaway.

  • No rummaging
  • No cutting your fingers on unexpected sharp knives in with the baking utensils
  • No opening every single drawer to find the thing that you use the most
  • No extra boxes or fancy storage solutions

just a re-organisation of what was already there to make each cupboard and drawer work. Quite simply, the right things in the right places. 

What more could you want?

Not magic and not rocket science, just simple, straightforward organisation and arrangement to fit those using the space.

If you would like your own spaces to work for you too, Contact Cat.

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