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Summer Declutter Time

Declutter for the Year Ahead

June is about halfway through so we are nearly at Matariki once more. You might like to re-read New Beginnings In The Stars from last year and get planning for a New Year Clear Out. It is a very auspicious time for a summer declutter and plan for the year to come. As a Kiwi living in the northern hemisphere, I now get 2 such chances in every 12 months and I’m happy for everyone to share in and enjoy an extra decluttering time.

So, What Will Be Your Summer Declutter Project?

Summer is a good time to clear out those areas that might take a long time. With the long daylight hours and warm, sunny weather you can really spread out more for ease of seeing what’s what.

For example, your garage. 

To many people the garage is the last place you will find their car, simply because it is full of all sorts of other stuff. 

With the fine weather that we are experiencing, you can really get the chance to declutter properly.

  • Clear everything out of the garage onto the driveway (Hopefully, this does not mean the street or pavement and doesn’t inconvenience others)
  • Sort through what you want to keep (please take into account the wishes of other members of your family!)
  • Put it back in a systematic order (this is the bit that trips most people up and why they might call The Sorting Cat)
  • Take stuff that needs to be disposed of expertly to the appropriate place. For example, old paint tins and polystyrene.
  • Sell the rest in a garage sale! Take advantage of the fact that you already have the stuff to be got rid of outside.

Are You Going On Holiday?

If you are looking at the airports right now and wondering if going for some Mediterranean sun is worth the airport baggage hassle, then you need to think about what you take with you. 

Effectively, this is a summer declutter-your-luggage project!

  • Think about only taking hand luggage. Check with the airport/airline what can be taken/not taken in hand luggage and plan accordingly. For example, you can only take liquids up to 100ml, so think about transferring shampoo etc into smaller containers. 
  • Make a list of the essentials you need to take – what you can buy if necessary when you get to your destination, and what you were going to take “just in case” and maybe give it a miss this time. 
  • Electronic equipment will be handy, but how long will you actually be in the ‘plane? They do usually have movies to watch or music to listen to. You might be able to organise tablets and laptops for your own use at your hotel/B & B.
  • Make sure you know the COVID-19 regulations for the airline and your destination. If you need to take a test at the airport, make sure you build the time for that into your schedule. If you need to prove you are vaccinated take the necessary documentation.

Hotel to Home Declutter

You might like to think about decluttering your home before you go. Yes, I know, I would say that, but think about it – you go away to a lovely hotel.

  • The towels are clean and neatly laid on the towel rail or in the cupboard
  • You put your clothes carefully away in the wardrobe
  • You get your toiletries out of your case and set them neatly in the bathroom. 
  • The bed is made. 

When you get home will it be the same picture?

Instead of coming home to chaos, with a little planning and a visit from The Sorting Cat, you can come back to a relaxing home and extend that holiday feeling for as long as possible.

For a bit of extra reading you might like to look at The Post Office Holiday Checklists for ideas here.

If you would like me to do a Checklist or a Top Tips, please let me know in the comments.

I hope you have a lovely holiday, whether you are going somewhere exotic or staying at home with your cats.

All the best


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