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Dear Cat Sitting Friends,

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I hope I find you and your cats happy and healthy.

New Cat Sitting Website

I am writing just to let you know that I have changed my website and have set up a new one dedicated to cat sitting here.

NW London Cat Sitting

Nothing else has changed, except to make The Sorting Cat website look a bit better.

e-mail address – same

Phone number – same

Costs – Same 

If you would like to take a look at the new site, I would love to have some feedback.

If you have not given a testimonial and would like to, please send a couple of lines by return or add a Google Review, which would be brilliant.

Felix hugging my laptop cable!

Service Improvement

In order to improve the service I provide, I have been studying Feline First Aid and have now completed the course.  As this was an online course and purely academic, I will be looking for a more practical course over the next few weeks.  However, I have had the opportunity to practice some of my skills with our own Bunny, who sadly got a nasty cut on his side.  He is healing nicely though.

Next Booking/School & Christmas Holidays

There is one more school holiday, Half Term, to come before the big one at Christmas/New Year.  If you have plans for that time, or for avoiding that time, and you want me to cat sit, please let me know as soon as possible.  If you have already booked your December time off please confirm your dates with me.

I will be taking a short break myself from 9-14 November.  I hope you weren’t planning to go away at that time.

Cat Sitting Loyalty Scheme

If you would like to check how many visits you are away from your next fee-free visit, please send me a note by return email.

As ever, if you know someone who could benefit from my service, with cat sitting or Decluttering & Organising, please give them my details.  Referrals are always rewarded.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best


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