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The Sorting Cat News Update


What News in the world of The Sorting Cat?

Earlier this month I (The Sorting Cat) went off to the Homebuilding and Renovating Show at the ExCel centre. I had never been over there before, so it was a bit of an adventure.

I have long had an interest in property: first as a tenant, then a home owner, a real estate salesperson and now Home Organiser/Declutterer/Stager. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea to see what is happening in the building and renovating sector. Also, I had a free ticket.

So I took to London Underground and DLR and headed east.

Having satisfied the guards at the entrance that I am indeed fully vaccinated and had a ticket, in I went.

The ExCel is HUUUUUGE!

It was like walking through an airport. I had no idea!

I thought it would be a bit like a large shed full of stalls. But it is more like a Russian doll of large sheds! The large shed turns out to be a very large shed with large sheds inside it!


I wasn’t really expecting too much with regard to doing business and giving out many business cards, but I did meet some very lovely people.

So, what was I looking for?

Firstly, I wanted to see stalls with innovation and sustainable products.

I am pleased to say that within the building trades there are quite a few great ideas. 

Some are bringing homes into the 21st century with technology for lighting, audio-visual applications and security. Thank you to the team at *Connected with Style ( for the informative and cheerful discussion.

Some presented simple solutions to save energy and money, like *Chimella ( This device is a simple umbrella which prevents cold drafts coming down the chimney and thereby saves energy and money. Fantastic for those of us who, like me, live in older homes.

If you have seen the news recently, you will know that increases in energy costs are coming coming and might be thinking about alternatives to the traditional energy guzzlers that we use. *Green Square ( have quite a few ideas and products to interest those curious about renewable/sustainable energy use in your homes.

Secondly, I was looking to see storage solutions.

I found this with Spaceslide *( who make bespoke wardrobes to fit your space and Home Office set ups. Thank you to Sophie for talking me through the process.

Also, Thank you to Raymond at *Loft Ladders ( for showing me their range to make your loft accessible. Although, another place to store stuff is not necessarily a good thing!

I was hoping to see more architects and developers with more sustainable practices, but sadly, it seems to get a new build home with a basic solar panel is still not standard. The words Climate Crisis don’t seem to have penetrated far here. I was also hoping there might be more representation from the Tiny House Movement as more and more people are coming to understand that having a big place and more stuff does not necessarily lead to happiness.

In all though, it was quite a fun afternoon and I am considering whether I should have a stall myself next year.

Other Sorting Cat News

I have been studying hard over the last few months and can now add the role of Virtual Assistant to my list of services and I passed the Sustainable Living Diploma. This means that The Sorting Cat can now help with assessing your current household or business set-up and working out what simple changes you can make to save money, energy and water.

Cat For Cats

Sorting Cat News – Added Service

As I have been pet sitting around the UK since 2018, before I settled in North London, I have also added Cat Sitting to my service list. This will be included on the website shortly. In the meantime, if you are looking for a cat sitter, please do contact me for further details, such as rates and availability. I am fully insured and have plenty of reviews and testimonials for this service. 

I already have 2 returning clients

Holidays Are Coming

If you are thinking of having family to stay for the Holiday Season, but the spare room is full of memorabilia or years of assorted accumulated clutter, and there is little chance of actually parking a car in the garage, then it is probably time to Contact Cat and find out how I can help. An initial consultation and assessment can be as little as £50 and from there we can put together a plan or programme to clear out, sort out and reorganise your home to accommodate whatever you need.

The Out Of Hours offer will continue to be available for the foreseeable future, as many people find that they simply don’t have time during the week to get these things done.

After a very successful Home Staging session, my recent client had 3 offers on her Queen’s Park property within 24 hours of going on the market. She accepted one at the full asking price and is now off to her next project. If you would like to find out how, please Contact Cat.

Stay safe and well



Websites, organisations, businesses or products mentioned in this Newsletter are not recommendations. Always look carefully into companies and products before you make any purchasing decision.

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