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Cat Sitting News – Changes From 1 April 2022

Cat sitting fees/ Loyalty scheme/ Extra time available

Good News and Bad News

First, The Bad Cat Sitting News

I know, the cost of everything seems to be going up. My grocery bills are certainly more than they were this time last year. Just today I noticed that the price of my favourite vegan mayonnaise has gone up 45p a jar! This leads me to the first piece of Cat Sitting News. Unfortunately, I am having to increase my cat sitting fees. Hopefully, you will not find the increase too drastic as for most clients it is just £1 per visit, thereby increasing a one week cost from £70 to £77.

The Cat Sitting page will be updated soon.

But there is Good Cat Sitting News

The good news is the establishment of a loyalty scheme for the calendar year. As it’s 2022 there is a free visit when you book your 22nd visit and any subsequent 22nd visits. That is to say the 22nd, 44th and 66th visits will be free. YAY!!

More Good Cat Sitting News

As I find that, when people go away, their pets tend to be fine for a couple of days; some barely notice you are gone! while others seem to relish the absence. However, around the 3rd or 4th days, they get worried and really start to pine for their human companions. This can become apparent in a variety of ways – they may become picky with their food or maybe not keen on playing, but most commonly they will go from room to room meowing loudly. 

Where has their human gone?

This other human is OK, but they just pop in and don’t stay.

Because of this, I am offering to help by spending extra time with them. You can book an extra hour adding it to the initial visit. As I will already be at your home, there will be no travel costs or time included just a straight hourly rate of £6 up to a maximum of 3 hours.

Therefore, a weekly package could look something like this

7 days @ once per day Basic Care £77

Day 3 and Day 6 1 hour Extra Time £12

Total £89

A Fortnightly Package Example

14 days @ once per day Basic Care £154

Days 3, 8, 12 @ 1hour extra £18

Days 6 & 10 @ 2hours extra. £24

Total £196

What will I do with this extra time?

Whatever your cat wants. Some cats just want cuddles, others might want to play some more, read to them, talk to them, play music, watch TV or any other activity which is a normal part of their day. Essentially, to just be there when you can’t. However much extra time they might want is entirely up to you. 

Overnight stays are now also available, where my schedule allows, at a cost of £27 per night.

If you would like to discuss any of this or arrange a package of care please do call or contact me.

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