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St Catherine’s for Declutterers & Organisers

November 2021

St Catherine Day patron saint for libraries and archives can we get her to do declutterers and organisers too
Do Declutterers & organisers need a patron saint?

Today is 25 th November and this is apparently St Catherine’s Day.

The patron saint of libraries and archives!

How about that for a vocation!

I wonder if we can make her the patron saint of Declutterers and Organisers too? Apparently, there is St Zita, the patron saint of maids and domestic servants, who some have given this title to, I think I prefer the more organising and less cleaning Catherine. Maybe, if you know of a better patron more akin to declutterers and organisers, you could let me know in the comments.

No idea how closely this picture would be to her resemblance, but it’s not anywhere near me!

After extensively googling wikipedia(!) I find that she is patron saint to all manner of other professions and lifestyles too! Thank you to Orkney Library (@OrkneyLibrary) on twitter for pointing this out and sharing this wonderful picture.


Speaking of ‘wordy’ things, I was recently watching something on Youtube and the word


came up. I believe it was Susi Dent who brought it to my attention. Whatever its etymology, it’s given meaning now is –

‘To hastily tidy a house’ 

or, in other words, rushing around putting things out of sight so that it appears to be tidy when company is coming! Or when the real estate agent calls to tell you a viewer is coming round in hour!

If this is you you should probably contact your local St Cat!

That time of Year

You would have had to be living under a rock to not know about Black Friday. As I am in London, where ‘thanks giving’ is 2 words and not a national holiday, Black Friday is not a thing. However, because Christmas is coming I would recommend gifting the book “P is for Pterodactyl”. This New York Times bestseller is for children but will be enjoyed by everyone. Do take a look at the reviews. 

New Book

On the subject of books, a friend of mine has written a book about a particular set of events in the life of the composer, Handel.

It is available from 30th November from publisher Austin MacAuley. Check the description here and pre-order while you’re at it!

Another Christmas gift idea for the classical music lover or those who are interested in biographies.

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