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Welcome to The Sorting Cat

Life has certainly happened over the last 12 months. The Covid-19 pandemic hit us all for 6 at the start and nobody expected to end up taking a whole year to get anywhere near ending it.

You would have thought this would not have been the best time to be setting up a new business. You would have been right! 

This year has been a rollercoaster ride.

I had been thinking of setting up on my own as a Professional Organiser and Declutterer for some time and had enquired of various friends and acquaintances if they thought it was a good idea. Everyone said YES enthusiastically, so I finally decided to do it. 

At the beginning of 2020 I was living in Cornwall. I had been house-sitting and pet-sitting around the UK since December 2018 and had taken up the job of looking after Jazz and Teddy for 5 months. As I found myself being in one place for sometime, I started on a course to help me develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to get my business started up. When the pandemic hit all my work came to a halt. We tried to carry on online, but it didn’t work too well. I did, however, buy the domain, as much as to say to myself that this was going to happen and there was no turning back.

When the first lockdown ended, I thought we could start getting on with it again, but then I had to move out of the district. Due to the pandemic, no-one was going anywhere, so there were no house-sits and I had to find somewhere to live properly. Thanks to a friend I managed to get a little place in the country just for a short while, until I could organise something else or the world got back to normal. Of course, the world has not got back to normal, so I had to figure out something else. To cut a long story short, I came to North London in September and am living in a very nice home with a great landlady and was settled enough to get it all up and running again.

On 23 December 2020, The Sorting Cat started trading.

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