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April 12th 2021 – Back to Work

Today, England starts to open up after months of lockdown restrictions. YAY 🎊🎉

We have all, pretty much, had enough of only going to the supermarket and a few laps of the local park, I think. However, it is important to remain cautious. Covid-19 is still around. Not everyone has been able to have a vaccination yet and some may never be able to be vaccinated, so it is important for those of us who can to get it asap.

I had my first vaccination a few weeks ago (as a 55 years and over). I had the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab. I was a bit anxious about it as the blood clotting rumours had just started, at that time. I went to the centre on Edgware Road and the staff and volunteers there were all wonderful and very helpful. The woman who carried out the deed was very reassuring. Because of my other allergies she had me hang around for a while after receiving it to see if my body would react at all, but I was fine. I even went to Sainsbury’s afterwards. However, the following couple of days were a different story. All the literature says you may get mild flu-like symptoms and they were not wrong. The thing was that, although the symptoms were indeed mild, as flu goes, normally, you would get a bit of a lead up to being ill, with this, it hits out of nowhere – I went to bed fine and woke up like I’d been hit by a truck! Luckily, it goes just as quickly.

This graph was shared by a Dutch friend of mine on Twitter today. Let’s keep on doing the right thing and have our numbers going down and down. Get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands and keep your distance when possible, please.

If you have any concerns about what precautions you want me to take in coming to your home or place of work to declutter or organise, let’s talk about it in the Initial Consultation.

All the best

Cat 😸

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