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Sorting Cat organising itself

Decluttering and Organising Myself

Organising The Sorting Cat!

Organised Cat
Sorting Cat organising itself

Before getting this business up and running, I thought it would be a good idea if I decluttered and tried organising myself.

Makes sense, yes?

You will be pleased to know that even Professional Organisers accumulate stuff. So many unnecessary bits and bobs and paperwork called ‘what is that?’ or ‘where do I put that?’.

I have kept my original doodles for my logo. My original website ideas. I guess I was thinking that it would be valuable for posterity! I even have cardboard boxes that I thought would be useful when decluttering. Of course, there was also a fair amount of small bits of yarn, cables and notebooks.

Typical pile of clutter to sort

So what does a professional declutter-er do with their own clutter?

Well, thankfully, most of it was just heading for the paper recycling bin. Ends of yarn go in a little ‘yarn pot’ for use in darning and sewing sides together. Notebooks are sorted between personal journals, business notes and course notes. (I am currently studying Internet Marketing and Sustainable Living with Centre of Excellence plus webinars online that I take from time to time). They have to be found places on shelves. As I have recently moved, I have to find the right place for everything.

It is time to give you a little bit about me.

I arrived back in UK from Belgium in December 2018. I chose then to merrily wander around the country as a house and pet sitter. My entire worldly goods fitted in a 70 litre rucksack weighing in at 20kg and a small back pack. It was a lot of fun to meet loads of new people and their pets and to visit areas of the country that I had not been to before.

Then came COVID-19.

As you can probably imagine, my ‘Happy Wanderer’ days were numbered and I had to find myself somewhere a little more permanent to live.

From the house sit I was at in Truro, Cornwall, I found myself heading towards London, via Oxfordshire and, to cut a long story short, I now find myself in Kensal Rise with a fairly permanent tenancy and a room of my own.

Having been living for the best part of 2 years on a strict ‘one in, one out’ policy with regard to my possessions, (only allowing myself to acquire something new if it was replacing something old) I now find myself in a position where I could own more things.

So, I guess, the question is will I now start to accumulate stuff or will I be able to keep organising myself and maintain my minimalistic lifestyle?

If you want help in minimising your own stuff Contact me for a consultation by phone or video (WhatsApp). I look forward to hearing from you.

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